Here Is Artificial Intelligence That Can Beat You At Poker

The Mellon University has developed an AI algorithm that is smart enough to play poker with you and perhaps even beat you at it. The AI also created its name in the books of the history by outwitting the four players in poker who are professionals in a special event held in the University for about 20 days. The professor related to the algorithm, however, stated that the intelligence that is used in the robot is not really specific to the sport of poker and it does not generally represent the intelligence of the human or the data related to the same.

However it was argued by the professors as well as the students that the AI did not win the game by luck, in fact, it displayed consistent dynamism throughout the game that is played. For instance, in each of the four games that it won against the four professional players of poker, it did so by breaking down the play into little time slots and for each time slot, it had created a strategy which changed with every changing situation of the game. This is possible by machines because they do not have the biases instilled in them like how humans do.
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Tsoukernik Achieves EM Super High Roller

Leon Tsoukernik, the owner of King’s Casino was at Casino Velden in Austria for the EM European Poker Championship for the Super High Roller. He had recently forfeited some deposit amounting to $50,000 as he skipped the $1,000,000 Big One for One Drop. He did win, although taking him 7 bullets to win the top prize worth €370,000. The tournament had 41 entries which included 14 re-entries and 27 unique players. The prize pool was generated in €1,025,000.

Tsoukernik recently told in an interview that he is a big fan of this tournament and has positive views on the casino. It is a jewel as the game is indeed beautiful to play with a fantastic view of the lake. This marked the victory of Tsoukernik since he achieved the EPT Prague Super High Roller in 2016. Well, the victory was the 3rd largest win for the casino owner after the win at the Prague tournament as well as $1.8 million for bagging 4th place in the Super High Roller Bowl 2017.

One the first day, there were only 20 players which included Thomas Muhlocker as well. However, he would have fallen short to make money like other players such as Josip Simunic, Matthias Eibinger, Erik Schniedel and Niklas. Niki Jedlicka was the final table casualty soon after the trial to bluff with queen-high into two pair of Tsoukernik. Tony G was followed by Maxi Lehmanski after he was bowing out in 4th place.

During the final phase of the tournament, fortunately Loeser got it all to hold nine-eight of spades. Tsoukernik manage to hold Big Slick for top pair and Loeser missed the straight flush draw. Eventually, Tsoukernik won the EM Super High Roller and did impress his supporters. It was an interesting tournament, which has transformed the life of the casino owner for good.

Rojas Is 2017 WSOP Marathon Event Champion

The Marathon event at the World Series of Poker is a very popular event among many of the poker enthusiasts.

This Marathon event is a popular addition to the WSOP summer schedule and it draws a lot of players to the poker table. The 2017 WSOP Marathon event was a hugely successful one as it brought about 1,759 poker players on to the table. The entry fee for the event is high as $2620. Despite this buy-in the 2017 WSOP event saw plenty of entries and this created a very high prize pool of $4,147,722.

This event was held for five days and players got benefited from the 100-minute play levels. With such a big prize pool, every poker player registered for the event was looking to get the better of the opponent and reach the final table on the last day of the event. This was not an easy and smooth process and every player played to his fullest potential.

In the end, after a very good tussle and battle with other players on the final table, it was the Venezuelan Joseph Di Rosa Rojas, who won the event and also earned the first WSOP gold bracelet of his career. He took home the prize money of $690,469 and this is the first highest payout that he has earned in his career so far. Rojas is the part-time poker player and is happy to have won a major event in his career and also claim his first WSOP bracelet. This is the largest score of his career and Rojas is very proud of his achievement in the 2017 WSOP event.

Rojas has to face the likes of Maurice Hawkins, Eric Baldwin, Alex Lynskey, Upeshka De Silva and others at the final table and had deep runs. But, eventually he was the last man standing on the final table and he defeated Alex Lynskey to win the title.

Vitch Earns Second WSOP Bracelet Of His Career

Chris Vitch is over the moon after taking part in the $10,000 Stud Eight-Or-Better Championship in the WSOP event.

He has won his second gold bracelet of his career after winning this championship by defeating an elite field of players.

This second bracelet is very special for him as he has one-upped himself this year following the win of the 2016 WSOP $2,500 mixed triple draw event. He then took $136,854 as the cash prize for his efforts. This year he has got a payday of $320,103. Vitch has earned back-to-back gold bracelets at the WSOP events.

Chris Vitch has earned a good name for himself in the poker world. He is a mixed-games and limit game specialist. He had to face a tough challenge in this event in order to get his hands on the title and also to claim his second gold bracelet.

He had to fight against the likes of bracelet winners Benny Glaser, Abe Mosseri, Brock Parker and Jonathan Duhamel to win the event. Mosseri entered this event on the back of a win at the $10,000 Omaha eight-or-better event. Glaser has got two bracelets in 2016 for his stupendous performance at the $10,000 Omaha eight-or-better and the $1,500 Omaha eight-or-better events.

Vitch admitted that he knew that it was going to a tough battle when he saw the lineup of players heading for the final day of the championship. He said that Benny was a fine and cunning player. Vitch learned from Benny that he has not lost in any of the heads-up that he has taken part in the World Series. Vitch said that he is very glad that he has become the first player in the World Series to win over Benny at the heads-up battle. Vitch also said that either of the players could have won the event as the levels were very high towards the end. Luckily, he was able to scrape through.

The High Profile Poker Player

There are many high profile poker players who have come and gone from the game for distinct reasons.

Amongst the high profile poker champions, some were amateur players while others were pro but left the game to chase their other dreams and passions. The biggest and most talked about poker player is indeed Tuan Lam, who completed runner up in 2007 to Jerry Yang at the WSOP Main Event. He made the final table with a field of around 6,358 players. He may have disappeared from the poker world, but he has left a lasting impression on his fan followers till today.

Lam has settled down comfortably with whatever money he earned from the Main Event. In addition, the player has also done several charity works soon after he completed his runner up. He faced some health problems, but did overcome and has continued leading a happy life. He was seen last during the Main Event which took place in the year 2014. He does play cash games with his friends at Bellagio as he believes in relaxing and spending quality time with friends and family.

After his brilliant performances as a poker player, he focused his time and attention elsewhere. Lam does a lot of charity by donating rice and funds to poor people. He goes around helping people as that is something he always wanted to do. He feels good lending a helping hand to the needy people.

The Vietnamese-Canadian poker player worked for a metal company before becoming a poker champion. He is happily married and has two children. He has made a whole lot of money, but also saved enough to lead a content life. He has stopped taking risks with money and prefers leading a relaxed and comfortable living. Well, the poker player’s life has indeed changed completely for good.

Poker Bot Event Status On Monday

Those who have been following the match between poker bots and pro players being held in Pittsburgh will know that the contest is being held over a span of 20 days which will include 120,000 hands of poker.

Currently, several days are over of this contest and the results show that twenty percent of the hands were led by the poker bot. The initial days of the contest saw the poker bot Libratus winning in many hands over the pro players. Over the weekend, however, the human players were able to hold steady.

The Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh is being the venue for the twenty day contest. There are players like Jason Les, Daniel McAulay, Dong Kim, Jimmy Chou, who are up against AI Libratus designed by a Carnegie Mellon University team of the computer science division. On Sunday it was found that 23000 of the scheduled rounds were completed and humans were down by 159000 of chips in play money. The blinds remained at 50-100.

The big blind deficit of 1600 might not be enough to say that the human players are losing as there are quite some more days to go. The poker players have been playing every day for eight hours, starting at eleven and ending at seven in the evening. There is much attention being given to this event. Last year a similar event was held with 80,000 hands where the human players won by a very narrow margin or a tie as per the stats offered by the scientific research team.

This time the hands are more to ensure that no chances of luck can remain. Also, the players are made to play duplicate rounds in separate rooms so that the randomness of the moves is maintained as much as possible. Libratus has been taking ten seconds or more to make its move every time.

Holiday Poker Events New Normal

According to recent trends, the holidays are no more the time to spend only with close friends and relative round the clock.

Now, some of the families that are on holidays prefer to go for playing games rather sitting with family members and watching TV or doing gossips. And think which game people on holidays prefer to play? Yes, it is none other than poker.

Even the poker game brings some good elements for these types of players.

Just a couple of years ago, it was difficult or can say if not impossible, to find a game of poker on Thanksgiving or on Christmas. In fact, in the entire holiday season throughout, decent tournaments of poker were at a premium. But, this is not the case of 2016.

The WPT Five Diamond Poker World Classic at Bellagio, World Poker Tour and some others were either in their final round or get finished in the month of December. But, now people are observing stretch in timings. European Poker Tour (EPT) event is scheduled between 8-19 December.

This pre-Christmas series is expected to attract many players this year. In cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, casinos are coming up with attractive offers and will be offering lower buying poker Christmas Day tournaments too.

Increase turnout at poker does not reflect the facts the people are losing interest in religious functions at home. But, people want more entertainment and poker is offering them. Moreover, those who does not have family find playing poker as their way of celebrating festivals. In a poker game, people find interesting as well as they get group to interact with. Even playing poker online is lively and does not make the player feel alone. Nowadays, even people’s attitude has changed toward poker and it is more a game.

Online Poker Change Trends

Poker has definitely changed a lot since the time online poker gaming rooms have come into vogue.

For those, who are enthusiastic about poker, have found people to play with or to get around to poker rooms in different cities. However, the access to poker games has never been as easy as it is now with online poker rooms everywhere. Games such as 5 or 7 card stud poker have been around and many homes have had these gaming sessions in the last twenty years. However, today there are so many variants of the game that can be played that it is difficult to keep track of.

There have been several changes, not only in the ways poker games have changed, but how they are accessed or they are playing in the online world. Again, with poker tournaments in vogue as well as apps in the foray, there are several changes that are markedly seen in the world of poker today.

One of the dominant trends is that, the land based poker rooms have their own versions online. Those who are regulars here get access the sites of their favorite poker rooms at any time of the day and night. There are several poker tournaments that are in vogue these days where one can increase their chances of bagging a lot of cash with a little bit of luck. There are many sites that are downloadable. These sites allow one to play even if they are offline. Often slow internet connections lead to lags in placing wagers and bets. Such inconveniences are removed as players are able to play in downloaded poker software. As internet connections have become better, the live poker rooms have become more popular. Here people can compete with contestants across the world live and at the same time line, even playing with real money.

Farid Yachou wins WPT Tournament of Champions

Farid Yachou has won the very first Monster World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions, snatching US$ 381600 for the victory in addition to many prizes, including a Corvette 2016, a Hublot watch as well as many other stunning prizes.

The WPT Amsterdam 2015 main event champ earned his seat in this tournament when he topped that pack of 341 poker players.

The 36-year-old businessman from Netherlands, this time around, beat a pack of sixty-four players, some of whom such as Yachou won their path into this tournament by taking down a World Poker Tour main event this season. The rest of the pack was made up of champs of World Poker Tour tournaments from earlier seasons, who were able to purchase into this rake-free tournament for US$ 15000.

Yachou came into the TV broadcasted final table of 6 in fifth chip spot, but racked up the 1st knockout when his pocket jacks delayed against Darren Elias to beat the 2 time World Poker Tour champ in 6th spot. Yachou also got rid of Michael Mizrachi in 3rd place to take a little lead into the heads-up fight against Vlad Darie.

Meanwhile, a person lost his poker profits after an armed theft in Peoria on Sunday morning. The man told the authorities that he was walking home on the Madison Avenue when 2 people came near. One of them had a gun, while the other took his wallet. The man has won US$ 260 on a poker machine at a bar located in Peoria Heights. Also, the people got away with that money as well as some credit cards.

Labor clubs operates the most advantageous poker machines in Canberra

The Labor Club group goes on to run the most advantageous poker machines in Canberra, acquiring an average US$ 51380 profit from every machine, equated with the average overall of US$ 33740. The top money-spinners for the group (Labor Party-owned) are their Belconnen as well as city poker machines.

In Belconnen,
the top gambling site for the group
, each of 282 machines cooked a pre-tax profit of US$ 55400 in the last financial year. In Labor Club, each of the sixty-one machines made US$ 56800. The numbers on poker machine profits, unveiled by ACT Gambling and Racing Commission this week, said that the Labor Club prevails the Belconnen gambling market, owning a 3rd of around 1100 machines in Belconnen.

Tuggeranong and Woden are also home to significant numbers of machines – 1030 in Woden and around 1140 in Tuggeranong. The Vikings group dominates the Tuggeranong market, the biggest pokies operator anywhere in Canberra, with seven-hundred-four machines and over sixty percent of Tuggeranong’s pokies.

But the Vikings do not turn anything like the profit of Labor clubs off every machine, averaging out a before-tax benefit of US$ 34800. In Weston and Woden, the Southern Cross Club is the single largest owner, but pokies are spread throughout. Southern Cross Club makes US$ 42600 from each of its 295 machines in Woden.

The Dickson Tradies, in the city, dominated with four-hundred of around 740 machines. The construction-union associated club makes a profit of US$ 39,970 from every machine.