Rojas Is 2017 WSOP Marathon Event Champion

The Marathon event at the World Series of Poker is a very popular event among many of the poker enthusiasts.

This Marathon event is a popular addition to the WSOP summer schedule and it draws a lot of players to the poker table. The 2017 WSOP Marathon event was a hugely successful one as it brought about 1,759 poker players on to the table. The entry fee for the event is high as $2620. Despite this buy-in the 2017 WSOP event saw plenty of entries and this created a very high prize pool of $4,147,722.

Vitch Earns Second WSOP Bracelet Of His Career

Chris Vitch is over the moon after taking part in the $10,000 Stud Eight-Or-Better Championship in the WSOP event.

He has won his second gold bracelet of his career after winning this championship by defeating an elite field of players.

The High Profile Poker Player

There are many high profile poker players who have come and gone from the game for distinct reasons.

Poker Bot Event Status On Monday

Those who have been following the match between poker bots and pro players being held in Pittsburgh will know that the contest is being held over a span of 20 days which will include 120,000 hands of poker.

Holiday Poker Events New Normal

According to recent trends, the holidays are no more the time to spend only with close friends and relative round the clock.

Now, some of the families that are on holidays prefer to go for playing games rather sitting with family members and watching TV or doing gossips. And think which game people on holidays prefer to play? Yes, it is none other than poker.

Even the poker game brings some good elements for these types of players.

Online Poker Change Trends

Poker has definitely changed a lot since the time online poker gaming rooms have come into vogue.

For those, who are enthusiastic about poker, have found people to play with or to get around to poker rooms in different cities. However, the access to poker games has never been as easy as it is now with online poker rooms everywhere. Games such as 5 or 7 card stud poker have been around and many homes have had these gaming sessions in the last twenty years. However, today there are so many variants of the game that can be played that it is difficult to keep track of.

Farid Yachou wins WPT Tournament of Champions

Farid Yachou has won the very first Monster World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions, snatching US$ 381600 for the victory in addition to many prizes, including a Corvette 2016, a Hublot watch as well as many other stunning prizes.

The WPT Amsterdam 2015 main event champ earned his seat in this tournament when he topped that pack of 341 poker players.

Labor clubs operates the most advantageous poker machines in Canberra

The Labor Club group goes on to run the most advantageous poker machines in Canberra, acquiring an average US$ 51380 profit from every machine, equated with the average overall of US$ 33740. The top money-spinners for the group (Labor Party-owned) are their Belconnen as well as city poker machines.

In Belconnen,

Oleksii Khoroshenin: A powerful poker player

Oleksii Khoroshenin was born in Ukraine.

Oleksii is Ukraine poker player. Oleksii has started playing poker in the year 2011. This year he played his first poker tournament in Kyrenia in which he was ranked 2nd and was rewarded with a prize token of $52,897. Getting a 2nd rank in the first tournaments was a high achievement. After three days again he played a poker match in the same city. This time he was ranked 8th and had won $21,318. After that in the year 2012 he played more three poke tournaments. This year he was having ups and downs in his game.

Poker Bot “Claudico” loses to Man, poker pro Polk Proves Greater Than The machine by winning $732,713

Four best high-stakes heads-up players competed against “Claudico” the poker bot boosted by AI from April 24 to May 8. The machine was created by a team of computer science from Carnegie Melon University and was mean to test whether men are or not good at no-limit Texas hold’em poker against machine. Well we got the results already and it came to light that man is still superior to machine in spite of the poker bot putting up a stiff fight in the competition.