Here Is Artificial Intelligence That Can Beat You At Poker

The Mellon University has developed an AI algorithm that is smart enough to play poker with you and perhaps even beat you at it. The AI also created its name in the books of the history by outwitting the four players in poker who are professionals in a special event held in the University for about 20 days. The professor related to the algorithm, however, stated that the intelligence that is used in the robot is not really specific to the sport of poker and it does not generally represent the intelligence of the human or the data related to the same.

However it was argued by the professors as well as the students that the AI did not win the game by luck, in fact, it displayed consistent dynamism throughout the game that is played. For instance, in each of the four games that it won against the four professional players of poker, it did so by breaking down the play into little time slots and for each time slot, it had created a strategy which changed with every changing situation of the game. This is possible by machines because they do not have the biases instilled in them like how humans do.

The AI gave a very good performance in a game which involved combinations more than the numbers of atoms present in the entire world and in fact the Universe for that matter. The game was called NLHE. Poker is different from the other spots because the strategies in poker are not always in front of the player; there is a factor of the bluff in the game which needs to be catered by the AI. Thus, this principle makes the construction of AI difficult to play such a game and even more complex.

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