Holiday Poker Events New Normal

According to recent trends, the holidays are no more the time to spend only with close friends and relative round the clock.

Now, some of the families that are on holidays prefer to go for playing games rather sitting with family members and watching TV or doing gossips. And think which game people on holidays prefer to play? Yes, it is none other than poker.

Even the poker game brings some good elements for these types of players.

Just a couple of years ago, it was difficult or can say if not impossible, to find a game of poker on Thanksgiving or on Christmas. In fact, in the entire holiday season throughout, decent tournaments of poker were at a premium. But, this is not the case of 2016.

The WPT Five Diamond Poker World Classic at Bellagio, World Poker Tour and some others were either in their final round or get finished in the month of December. But, now people are observing stretch in timings. European Poker Tour (EPT) event is scheduled between 8-19 December.

This pre-Christmas series is expected to attract many players this year. In cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, casinos are coming up with attractive offers and will be offering lower buying poker Christmas Day tournaments too.

Increase turnout at poker does not reflect the facts the people are losing interest in religious functions at home. But, people want more entertainment and poker is offering them. Moreover, those who does not have family find playing poker as their way of celebrating festivals. In a poker game, people find interesting as well as they get group to interact with. Even playing poker online is lively and does not make the player feel alone. Nowadays, even people’s attitude has changed toward poker and it is more a game.