Labor clubs operates the most advantageous poker machines in Canberra

The Labor Club group goes on to run the most advantageous poker machines in Canberra, acquiring an average US$ 51380 profit from every machine, equated with the average overall of US$ 33740. The top money-spinners for the group (Labor Party-owned) are their Belconnen as well as city poker machines.

In Belconnen,
the top gambling site for the group
, each of 282 machines cooked a pre-tax profit of US$ 55400 in the last financial year. In Labor Club, each of the sixty-one machines made US$ 56800. The numbers on poker machine profits, unveiled by ACT Gambling and Racing Commission this week, said that the Labor Club prevails the Belconnen gambling market, owning a 3rd of around 1100 machines in Belconnen.

Tuggeranong and Woden are also home to significant numbers of machines – 1030 in Woden and around 1140 in Tuggeranong. The Vikings group dominates the Tuggeranong market, the biggest pokies operator anywhere in Canberra, with seven-hundred-four machines and over sixty percent of Tuggeranong’s pokies.

But the Vikings do not turn anything like the profit of Labor clubs off every machine, averaging out a before-tax benefit of US$ 34800. In Weston and Woden, the Southern Cross Club is the single largest owner, but pokies are spread throughout. Southern Cross Club makes US$ 42600 from each of its 295 machines in Woden.

The Dickson Tradies, in the city, dominated with four-hundred of around 740 machines. The construction-union associated club makes a profit of US$ 39,970 from every machine.