Poker Bot Event Status On Monday

Those who have been following the match between poker bots and pro players being held in Pittsburgh will know that the contest is being held over a span of 20 days which will include 120,000 hands of poker.

Currently, several days are over of this contest and the results show that twenty percent of the hands were led by the poker bot. The initial days of the contest saw the poker bot Libratus winning in many hands over the pro players. Over the weekend, however, the human players were able to hold steady.

The Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh is being the venue for the twenty day contest. There are players like Jason Les, Daniel McAulay, Dong Kim, Jimmy Chou, who are up against AI Libratus designed by a Carnegie Mellon University team of the computer science division. On Sunday it was found that 23000 of the scheduled rounds were completed and humans were down by 159000 of chips in play money. The blinds remained at 50-100.

The big blind deficit of 1600 might not be enough to say that the human players are losing as there are quite some more days to go. The poker players have been playing every day for eight hours, starting at eleven and ending at seven in the evening. There is much attention being given to this event. Last year a similar event was held with 80,000 hands where the human players won by a very narrow margin or a tie as per the stats offered by the scientific research team.

This time the hands are more to ensure that no chances of luck can remain. Also, the players are made to play duplicate rounds in separate rooms so that the randomness of the moves is maintained as much as possible. Libratus has been taking ten seconds or more to make its move every time.